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Thank you for participating in our TV Ratings Survey. Your household’s TV viewing is very important to us.

This website will allow you to:

  • Find detailed instructions on filling out the diary.
  • Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Provide feedback and thoughts on your TV Diary experience.

Start filling out your diary

Step 1: Answer Questions About Your Household

Fill out the questions about your household at the beginning of the diary.
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Step 2: List the Local Channels You Receive

Write in the local channels this TV set receives or attach a printed list.
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Step 3: Capture Who Watches TV in Your Home

Write in the names, ages, gender, and hours worked for each household member.
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Step 4:  Record Your TV Viewing

Write in the TV programs viewed in your home.
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Step 5:  Return the Diary

Send the diary back to make your viewing count!
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Why is my Diary important?

No matter how much or how little your household watches TV, completing and returning your diary ensures that your viewing information contributes to produce accurate TV ratings. We need your help to have a complete picture of what is being watched in your area.

For answers to more questions like this:

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